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Mono TTL Displays
Mono TTL Displays: These displays are typically 9inch to 14inch in size, and utilize a DB9 (9 pin connector) for connection to computer and are based on digital signals. These displays were predominantly used in the early days of computers, and are typically Amber screens though Green and White were also available.
Mono VGA Displays
Mono VGA Displays: Next Generation of Computer Displays. These display although not color, were an upgrade insofar as resolution, thus allowing for utilization of graphics as well as more real estate available on screen.
CGA / EGA Displays
CGA & EGA Displays: The original color graphics specification for PC's. With low resolution, CGA was largely used for games.The CGA specification included 80 character by 25 line (or 40x25) text in 16 colors, 640x200 pixel graphics in two colors, or 320x200 pixel graphics in 4 colors. A graphic display specification between CGA and VGA. Introduced in 1984, EGA produced a display of 16 colors at a resolution of 640x350 pixels. EGA also included all CGA modes. These displays were all based on Digital Signals.
Color Analog CRT Displays
Color VGA (Analog) Displays: The original 640x480 pixel graphics standard. VGA replaced Color Graphics Adapter (CGA) and Enhanced Graphics Adapter (EGA) standards.See our FAQ's section to find out about all the current standards.
LCD-TFT Displays
Color Flat Panel (LCD-TFT) Displays: Supporting most of the current standards for VGA and above (See our FAQ's Page for more information). These displays while supporting the various modes, LCD-TFT panels by design are preformatted to ONE optimum resolution, and ONE Vertical Scan Rate, therefore look less appealing at other resolutions. While CRT's are able to scan at and above 2048x2048 and still look just as sharp at 640x480, Thus able to outperform LCD's. 186,000 miles/second. It's the Law.
LCD Signage Displays Digital signage displays: Supporting most of the current standards for VGA and above (See our FAQ's Page for more information). Digital signage displays are flexible and deliver higher impact messages. Typically utilized to create a more effective in-store messaging for an informed shopping experiences and immediate merchandizing response, or offering information as a public service in bigger public venues.

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